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Crowdsourcing Biodiversity & Regeneration

While climate change rightfully is a topic of immense focus across society, biodiversity collapse is a potentially even-more-negatively-impactful reality towards which we’re relentlessly moving.

Modern farming is strongly associated with negative biodiversity impacts. It also both contributes greatly to climate change. Farming also however can do much good for biodiversity, and farms have immense potential to act as carbon sinks to counter climate change.

BiodiversityGlobal will work to reconnect consumers to farmers using the Biodiversity Farm, while also building a new movement for biodiversity across society – in towns, cities and on farms – to allow nature recover her variety & strength, which underpins life.



Reconnecting People, Farming & Nature

“Biodiversity” describes the immense variety of life on Earth. Modern life is causing huge damage to biodiversity, however – we’re killing species and damaging nature in gravely serious ways.

Biodiversity collapse”, as this problem is known, is closely associated with Climate Change. The solutions to both are often related, too.

The core mission of our Biodiversity Farm is to promote action to restore biodiversity while helping fight climate change – right across Ireland, from farms to schools, families, towns - and nationwide.

In particular, we bring farmers, scientists & specialists together to create, share & monitor plans & processes to promote biodiversity on the farm.



Reconnecting People, Farming &

Farms & farmers feed us, but from our towns & cities we have lost our connection with the people & places that grow and produce what we eat.

To start closing these gaps, we are putting a rich, interactive and highly -personal virtual farm in every Irish student’s pocket - a virtual farm that brings the daily beauty and reality of farms & farming into homes, stories and decisions.

Those virtual farms will be grounded in a beautiful, sustainably - run physical farm - one people can visit, get involved in, & then learn more about.



VR Farm

You can visit the Irish Biodiversity Farm any time you want, through Virtual Reality!

VR Farm brings our Biodiversity Farm to us, to explore, learn & enjoy. Better again, it can be accessed through your browser – no VR headset needed (although it looks great there, too).

VR Farm is an open -source project, and over time we will work with others across Ireland to use VR to support Biodiversity in our towns – promoting nature and learning cutting-edge technologies as we do so!

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